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What to see
Hermitage of Santa Illuminata
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Along the provincial road that connects Alviano to Guardea, you'll find the
Camaldolese Hermitage of Santa Illuminata. Founded by Saint Romualdo in 1007,
the convent flourished in the 13th century after Saint Francis had already visited the
site. A small cave remains from his visit, containing a stone bed where he used to
rest and engage in prayer. Today, the travertine slab is extremely smooth because
over the centuries, all the sick pilgrims would lie there, awaiting healing. Ancient
sources also mention the presence of a miraculous spring nearby, now hidden by
vegetation. Several Blessed individuals, such as Blessed Pascuccio from the noble
family of Atti di Todi, lived at Santa Illuminata, and many members of the most
important and wealthy families from Baschi, Alviano, and Guardea were buried
here. Today, only a few ruins of the hermitage remain, but it is surrounded by rich
and lush vegetation, creating a place where tourists seek peace and spiritual
serenity amidst the soothing silence.
Duration: 2 hours

The clay houses
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In the countryside of Alviano, along the road that leads from the historic center to
the hillside area, you can visit the unique houses made of clay. These clay houses
represent a distinctive housing phenomenon in Alviano, which covers the area
occupied by the clay hills known as "calanchi," characterized by their unique
shapes shaped by erosion from atmospheric agents. These constructions, dating
back to the 19th century, have become a symbol of the humble peasant civilization.
Visits can be arranged by appointment, accompanied by experienced guides.
Duration: 3 hours (on foot) and 1 hour (by car).

Tourist for a Day: Strolling Through Art and Nature

OASIS: The activity involves sampling in an educational pond using plankton nets
and macroinvertebrates with laboratory observation of the collected samples under
microscopes. We will showcase the life within a water droplet, discussing
biodiversity and its significance in a complex ecosystem. Participants will be
introduced to various organisms typical of freshwater environments.

CASTLE: The itinerary offers a captivating exploration of the untouched corners
and unknown spaces of Alviano Castle. The tour will unfold along an enchanting
path, delving into the most mysterious places of the ancient castle. Throughout this
journey, visitors will be accompanied by the presence of the ghost of "Luciola," the
young courtesan of Donna Olimpia. Luciola will recount her captivity in the castle's
dungeons and her ill-fated love story with the young Tommaso.

Duration: 1 day

Dal 20/05 al 20/08
2022, May 06
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