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Daone, Trentino Alto-Adige
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The Daone Valley, named after this very village, represents the green heart of the
Chiese Valley, a typical alpine valley characterized by the presence of a river, a
lake, and the snow-covered peaks of the Adamello towering above.
From here, you can access the southern part of the Adamello Brenta Natural Park,
which is the largest protected area in the region and is rich in some of nature's most
significant resources: a substantial water reserve fed by glaciers, rushing torrents,
and clear alpine lakes with vibrant colors. It also boasts one of the most diverse
faunal components in the entire Alpine region, including all mountain species,
including ibex and brown bear.

Ondara, Spain
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Ondara is a Spanish town in the province of Alicante, situated amidst the hills of the
Sierra de Segaría, just 4km from the beautiful Costa Blanca. One of the most
interesting attractions in the town is undoubtedly the Plaza de Toros, built in the late
19th century in Moorish style, later destroyed during the Spanish Civil War, and
then reconstructed in the late 1950s.

Vajnory, Slovak Republic
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Vajnory is a small town in the Slovak Republic, located just 5 km from the capital
city Bratislava and approximately 60 km from Vienna. Its location is unique: it is
situated at the foothills of the Small Carpathians, opening up towards the Danubian
Plain. Thanks to the presence of the Danube River and the fertile plain surrounding
Vajnory, its territory has always been a rich and abundant area. Since ancient
times, it has been a crossroads of two important trade routes: the Amber Road
connecting the Adriatic Sea and the Baltic Sea, and the Danubian Route, linking
Western Europe with Asia. The name of the town comes from its wine production, a
typical activity in Vajnory since ancient times. Even today, viticulture remains a
crucial part of the local economy, with 1300 hectares of cultivated land and 3000
hectoliters of wine produced each year. The twinning with Alviano was established
in 1990.

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